[translation] Do Remember They Can’t Cancel the Spring

[translation] Do Remember They Can’t Cancel the Spring

David Hockney, 2020

Dear students
​Dear colleagues

It's so quiet out there. Sometimes time seems to have stopped. There are hardly any cars outside, a jogger here and there, a couple hand in hand. You can hear the wind in the trees, the birds seem to whistle louder than you knew, you feel the sun on your face. Nature comes to live, it’s spring! With snowdrops and daffodils. Stuffed animals in the window frames.

No, it's not over yet. The virus still rules the country. It's okay to be a little scared, and it's still vital to respect the guidelines that can control corona. But, it's just as crucial not to lose hope and energy, to persevere, in uw kot, alone or with your roommates or family. And online together, united in our isolation.

We grief with the victims of this crisis and feel solidarity with everyone who is working on the front line, in all those essential jobs that we tend to overlook too often. In our Thomas More community, too, we have seen a great wave of support and spontaneous relief actions, with students and staff bravely joining the fight. We cannot overemphasize our appreciation for this. There is a lot of #wearemore around to warm our hearts.

Over the past few weeks, we have seen that it is possible: to be digitally close, to teach, to study and collaborate from a distance, to work together, and by doing so keep the school on track. Not that it is easy. We are in unknown territory, but with a combined effort, with trial and error, we’ll find a way. And if we continue to do so, online or offline, then for sure we can draw a lot of confidence from this crisis for our future work. When this difficult period is over, somewhere in late spring, we will have learned a lot. Let's not forget that.

We would like to thank everyone - including all family members of our students and our staff - for their dedication, trust and patience in difficult times. We’ll make every effort, despite everything, to be able to finish this academic year in a good way and to be ready for yet another group of new students.

For now, we want to wish you a happy Easter. Take some rest, look for relaxation, keep in touch and, above all, stay healthy. And don't come out of your kot until further notice, except for that much-needed spring walk.

Take care. We’ll meet again.

Warm regards from Thomas More management

Els, Goedele, Joan, Karel, Mia

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The famous painter David Hockney (82) is in lockdown in Normandy with his dog Ruby en two of his assistants. Most days he paints in the garden on his iPad to capture the awakening of spring. He shares 10 of these little masterpieces with all of us to enjoy the rebirth of life in these difficult times and because art can offer comfort and joy in all phases of our existence.


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